Park Shin Hye and the Leads of Thriller Movie Call Guest on jTBC Variety Ask Us Anything

Promotions are underway for upcoming Korean horror thriller movie Call albeit probably understated due to the health concerns South Korea is dealing with. Movie leads Park Shin Hye, Kim Sung Ryung, and Jeon Jong Seo were guests on the jTBC variety show Ask Us Anything! and donned high school uniforms for the classroom themed segment. Seeing Park Shin Hye with Kim Sung Ryung totally brings us Heirs fond memories, Kim Sung Ryung was absolutely brilliant and perfect in the drama as Lee Min Ho‘s mom and her scenes were classic. Check out the variety show if you want to learn more about all three lovely actresses. Continue reading

2018 Seoul Awards Star-studded with Big Winners to My Ahjusshi, Mr. Sunshine, and Along with the Gods

It’s only the 2nd year for the Seoul Awards, sponsored by Sports Seoul, but there must either be great marketing or someone knows all the A-listers because this year’s ceremony was nearly as star-studded as the prestigious Baeksang Awards. The … Continue reading