jTBC Drama Adaptation of Beauty Inside Holds Script Reading with Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Min Ki

Consider me cautiously optimistic for upcoming K-drama Beauty Inside, adapted from the drama with a gender twist. This time it’s female lead Seo Hyun Jin who changes forms rather than the male lead in the movie, and she’ll be romancing Lee Min Ki so the production team definitely went for acting ability when casting. The drama version set up sounds interesting – Seo Hyun Jin is a top star actress with afflicted with a phenomenon whereby one week out of the month she changes into a new face, she crosses paths with Lee Min Ki’s airline executive who suffers from prosopagnosia or the inability to recognize faces and the two fall in love despite the towering odds stacked against them. The drama will air in September on jTBC Mon-Tues after the conclusion of Life. Continue reading

The 2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Rolls Out the Fashion Red Carpet for Top K-stars

The fashion do’s and don’ts remain my favorite past time for awards shows, mostly because I can’t bother to care about winners that sometimes feel arbitrary or tied to popularity. The 2018 54th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards took place Thursday … Continue reading

Temperature of Love Screenwriter Teases that Drama Ending Could be Different than Book in Who Female Leads Ends Up With

I’m ready to put K-drama screenwriter Ha Myung Hee on my shit list now, I’ve concurred with a lot of the criticism lobbed at her for her previous dramas Doctors, High Society and even her earliest works One Warm Word and … Continue reading