Fifty Year Old K-actress Kim Sung Ryung Turns Back the Clock to Looking Like She’s in Her Twenties

This is legit aging goals right here, and its none other than former Miss Korea turned actress Kim Sung Ryung to show how it’s done. Most recognizable to international drama viewers as playing Lee Min Ho‘s adorable mom in Heirs, Kim Sung Ryung has been acting in K-dramas for three decades and played plenty of female lead roles during her heyday before transitioning to mom level roles now that she is past 50 years old. But I guarantee it’s hard to find another 50 year old female star as elegantly youthful as she is, and most recently more so with her hair grown long and donning twenty-something threads of short shorts with an off the shoulder black top. I’m so impressed and envious even knowing that her looks are part good genes and part hard work on the maintenance. Continue reading

Lee Sung Kyung Transforms into Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Opposite Nam Joo Hyuk

Sports themed dramas have traditionally under-performed (har har) in ratings but as a genre I still am glad it’s around to further diversify the landscape between sageuks, melos, thrillers, and rom-coms. MBC has lined up Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo for … Continue reading

Stylish Drama Posters for Korean Entourage Sets the Stage for Entertainment World Bromance

Dang, so much hats off and kudos to the production design team of tvN‘s upcoming remake of hit US show Entourage. The drama posters are excellently stylish and evocative, blending sleek entertainment world glamour with bromance insouciance. The top one … Continue reading