TW-actress Nikki Hsieh Shares Alarmingly Thin Pictures and Updates on Myriad Health Ailments

I find TW-actress Nikki Hsieh one of the most watchable actresses in the industry across genres. Plus she’s my Da Hua (Big Flower) from the insanely drama crack addictive drama King Flower which is so many years ago but holds a soft spot in my heart for many reasons. Nikki is the one updating so I figure she wants her fans to know of her current situation – she has posted pictures on her SNS showing very gaunt and sickly visages accompanied with commentary about going in for medical checkups. She’s apparently losing an alarming amount of weight and her recent exams show multiple problems from lacking Hep B antibodies to ulcers, plus lots of muscle and joint aches. My heart hurts to see her so sickly and honestly whatever is ailing her please get treated and have a speedy recovery. Continue reading