Veteran J-actress Suzuki Anju Caught Cheating with Married J-actor Ichikawa Tsukinosuke

Man, are there NO SINGLE MEN in J-ent? Like, is the entirety of the industry married men so women have no choice but to cheat because there is an ratio imbalance? Two weeks after actor Higashide Masahiro was caught cheating on wife Watanabe Anne with aspiring actress Karata Erika, a second cheating scandal has been exposed by the tabloids. Veteran actress Suzuki Anju, who I remember was part of the 5 lead ensemble launching the J-dorama craze in 1993 with Asunaro Hakusho which also started the career of Kimura Takuya, has been caught and apologized for having an affair with married stage and movie actor Ichikawa Tsukinosuke. His wife is a gorgeous retired former Takarazuka lead actress who I’m sure feels like shit right now. Good lord can people behave and have some consideration before just doing whatever the heck they want. Continue reading

Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite Wins Golden Globe Best Foreign Picture with Stars Song Kang Ho, Jo Yeo Jung, and Lee Jung Eun in Attendance

What another victory and another high profile celebration of South Korean film. Director Bong Joon Ho‘s critically acclaimed and box office topping social commentary film Parasite won the Best Foreign Film prize at last weekend’s 2020 Golden Globe Awards. It’s … Continue reading

Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2 Premieres with Strong 10.8% Ratings with Eye to Repeat First Season Showing

The first season of SBS medical drama Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim premiered with 9.5% AGB nationwide ratings and ended with over 27% in its final episode. It’s one of the rare prime time successes in recent years so not a … Continue reading