Queen Cheorin Hits 12.414% Ratings in Episode 7, on Pace to Surpass Mr. Sunshine, Goblin, and Crash Landing on You as Highest Rated tvN Drama

A new record is getting set and I’m getting more interested in following the ratings than the drama itself. It would also be cool to see tvN gain back the throne from rival jTBC. Sat-Sun drama Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) increased in ratings yet again, crossing the 12% mark to hit 12.414%. It’s tied with Goblin as the fasted tvN drama to break 12%, currently the highest rated tvN dramas in order are Mr. Sunshine which broke 12% in episode 11, Goblin that did it in episode 7, and Crash Landing on You in episode 9. I say Queen Cheorin is on pace to become the highest rated tvN drama of all time because it’s 20 episodes the same as Mr. Sunshine whereas Goblin and CLOY were both 16 episode dramas, so there is a longer runway to keep increasing in ratings. It would also take back the highest cable drama ratings crown from The World of the Married, so that would also be nice to see the original cable network powerhouse get back on top in the new year. It’s a bummer that Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) was botched so badly in the directing and screenplay adaptation as Bu Bu Jing Xin really is the best time-travel into another body and fall in love with the King story of all time, whereas Go Princess Go was totally an intentional cheesy meta homage to BBJX. Alas, I’m glad to see this talented cast got a good PD because this drama is so fun to watch.

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Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite Wins Golden Globe Best Foreign Picture with Stars Song Kang Ho, Jo Yeo Jung, and Lee Jung Eun in Attendance

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Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim 2 Premieres with Strong 10.8% Ratings with Eye to Repeat First Season Showing

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