First Look at IU in Costume for tvN Drama Hotel Del Luna at Meal Truck Gift Sent by Song Hye Kyo

This is a two-fer surprise and both much appreciated to see. The first is that apparently actress-singer IU is friends with top actress Song Hye Kyo, and unni went all out this week sending a food and drink meal truck gift to her dongsaeng on the night set of filming tvN drama Hotel Del Luna. Night shoots are the hardest working against the sleepiness and with no natural light so the yummy food truck must be even more greatly appreciated by the cast and crew. The second surprise is seeing IU in costume as she took pictures with the truck and her tasty shake to thank Song Hye Kyo back, she’s got long braided locks and a flowy peach colored gown playing the onery ghostly proprietress of the titular Hotel Del Luna for the spirits wandering the world. She looks so pretty, love! Continue reading