Vagabond Barrels Ahead in its Mirthless Marathon as Action Moves Back to Morocco to Find the Undead Pilot

I…..I wish Vagabond was straight up good. Good and enjoyable rather than good and exhausting, which is good with an asterisk and we all know that’s what will follow a project when all is said and done. SBS Fri-Sat drama Vagabond aired up to episode 8 this weekend, halfway done now and perhaps halfway into uncovering the conspiracy that caused a plane to crash intentionally and lead to Lee Seung Gi turning into a robot fighter with a one track mind. There are just so many layers and baddies to this incredibly ballsy and frankly unbelievable conspiracy, including the top people at the Blue House, I’m not seeing where the payoff is where the bad folks are apprehended and justice is served. It feels like when all is uncovered it’ll just be a meh because I’m so tired by all this. It’s like a running a marathon without a moment to appreciate the scenery, if I was the runner perhaps I don’t care but as the viewer it’s all moving too quickly past my frame of vision. I would love more slow meals and conversations to build relationships among the good guys, and also stop misdirecting me to worry the few good guys will turn out bad at the end too. Continue reading