Liu Shi Shi Attends Chanel Event in First Public Appearance Since Having Baby

White becomes her, or perhaps white is the new black, whatever is the case C-actress Liu Shi Shi is da bomb in my eyes. Liu Shi Shi made a classy return to her entertainment career six months having having a baby with husband TW-actor Nicky Wu at a Chanel event and swathed head to toe in the brand’s signature tweed. She basically looks exactly the same and I’m not going to quibble if she’s a pound heavier or lighter, honestly pretty is pretty and what’s comforting is that actresses nowadays have more much acceptance in getting married, having kids, and continuing a career. Continue reading

Fierce Battle Between C-actresses Yang Zhi and Dilraba Dilmurat to be the 2018 Golden Eagle Goddess

The battle is fierce to be the 7th member of the exclusive Golden Eagle Goddess ranks, even if it means being decked out in enough gold, sparkles, and sequins to blind good taste. The biennial Golden Eagle Awards celebrates China’s … Continue reading