Liu Shi Shi Stokes Further Baby Rumors Donning Red Blazer at Omega Event

It’s not what’s shown but what’s covered up that C-netizens are eyeing in recent months. From Zhao Li Ying‘s rumored pregnancy to the heating up further rumors of Liu Shi Shi‘s pregnancy, it’ll be cute if C-ent’s top actresses of the same generation welcome new babies in early 2019 together. Liu Shi Shi hasn’t been very active in the public eye in recent months and this week attended a highly publicized Omega watch event with other top stars and was dressed like the odd one out. While Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford and Alessandra Ambrosio were all wearing skin tight revealing gowns Liu Shi Shi put an oversized blazer over her dress in what could be a concerted effort to conceal a budding baby belly. She’s rumored to be expecting twins with husband Nicky Wu so this definitely stokes the rumor fire, not to mention she has that expectant mommy glow along with rounder cheeks. Continue reading

Fierce Battle Between C-actresses Yang Zhi and Dilraba Dilmurat to be the 2018 Golden Eagle Goddess

The battle is fierce to be the 7th member of the exclusive Golden Eagle Goddess ranks, even if it means being decked out in enough gold, sparkles, and sequins to blind good taste. The biennial Golden Eagle Awards celebrates China’s … Continue reading

C and TW-Stars Run the Fashion Gamut for Vogue Film Fashion Exhibit

There is so much fashion eye candy out and about at the Vogue Film Fashion Exhibit in China this weekend, with top Chinese and Taiwanese stars making their chic presence felt. I don’t think everyone looks good, necessarily, but everyone … Continue reading

Famous Stars Alongside Astonishingly Similar Filming Doubles

Wax figures at Madame Tussauds isn’t the only way for stars to have their own dopplegangers, ever since the advent of cinema there have been body and face doubles during filming. I’m not sure if there’s as lucrative a business … Continue reading

Liu Shi Shi Leads Short List of C-actresses Notable for Having Swan’s Necks

Korean netizens have their own fixations on female star beauty with phrases like S-line, V-line, honey thighs, etc. that once understood is hard to unsee afterwards. C-netizens have their own preferences on what constitutes top starlet beauty and one such … Continue reading