Angelababy Glitters in Christian Dior Confection at Star-studded Shanghai Fashion Show

I’m always amused by C-actress Angelababy and not in a condescending way despite her hilarious English name. She’s a hardworking and quite genuine star presence with a famous husband and a baby son already despite still looking insanely youthful. I think her acting is mostly awful but one doesn’t need to act well to succeed in C-ent and she’s proven that her strengths are being capitalized on elsewhere by being a fashion stalwart and variety show staple. She led the way at last week’s Christian Dior fashion show in Shanghai and it’s her glittery dual layered ball gown that captured my attention. I like it but feel in general this glitter tulle look is almost done to death and this dress particular I feel like I’ve seen many times before, or maybe that’s just how saturated this style of formal dressing has been the past few years especially with K-actresses. Continue reading

C-stars Mostly a Miss at the 2017 Elle Style Awards with Standouts Being Ni Ni and Liu Wen

It’s a rarity for C-ent to miss this broadly across the board, with only a few standouts, but I guess percentage wise it’s impossible to always be on point even with fashion. At the 2017 Elle Style Awards which took … Continue reading