Baeksang 2020 Releases Voting Results for Drama Awards Revealing Narrow Win of Kang Na Neul Over Namgong Min and Kim Dami With 1 Vote Over Jeon Mi Do

The good news is that these second place finishers will all have bright futures and hopefully a win down the road with the Baeksang Arts Awards. The 2020 ceremony was last Friday and the winners were mostly all acceptable to netizens as worthy of the win, but still there is curiosity over the almost ran nominee. The awards body today released the voting results and I appreciate the candor: (1) the drama Daesang was between When the Camellia Blooms, Kim Hee Ae and variety Mr. Trot and Camellia won by all votes, (2) Namgong Min and Kang Ha Neul were neck-in-neck for Best Actor and the hoobae won in the third round of balloting for his spot on comedic pitch performance, (3) initial votes for Best Actress was between Kim Hee Ae, Kim Hye Soo, and Gong Hyo Jin with Kim Hee Ae and Gong Hyo Jin battling to the second round where Kim Hee Ae won, (4) it was between Ahn Hyo Seob and child actor Kim Kang Hoon for Best New Actor with the winner coming in the second round of balloting, (5) the closest competition was in the Best New Actress category between Jeon Mi Do and Kim Da Mi and it went all the way to the third round before Kim Da Mi won by 1 vote, (6) with When the Camellia Blooms getting Daesang then Best Drama went to Stove League, (7) Oh Jung Se won Best Supporting Actor in the the initial balloting won with all votes, and (8) voting went to the third round for Best Supporting Actress between Kim Sun Young of Crash Landing on You and Camellia’s Yeom Hye Ran.

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